Bathroom Action Plan

Dollar Bills
Save Money

With the average cost of remodeling a bathroom over $10,000, making smart spending decisions is critical and the Bathroom Action Plan shows you how!

Cut Through the Jargon

The marketing terms used for bathroom products are confusing and overwhelming. Learn what they mean so you can shop without confusion.

Smiling Person
Gain Confidence

Shopping for such a large project can be scary! Arm yourself with knowledge to fight the worry.

Target with arrow in the center
Make Your Plans Concrete

Have you been dreaming of a new bathroom for a while but you have no idea what it'll cost? Use the budget spreadsheet to make a realistic goal to work towards.

Save Time

It's easy to spend weeks or months trying to decipher which items are best for your bathroom. Save time with having a helpful guide along the way.

Two People Talking
Communicate Better

Are your bathroom plans causing arguments in your household? The Bathroom Action Plan can be a great tool to work through communicating what everyone wants!

What Exactly Do You Get?

  1. Thirteen Helpful, straight-to-the-point videos
  2. Fillable PDF workbook to record your plans, specifications, and ideas.
  3. Budget spreadsheet in Excel and Google Sheets format
  4. Product comparison tables
  5. Access to my personal shopping list for my most recent remodel
"Our next bathroom remodel is going to be SO much easier. This course is the perfect blend of organized, easy, and easy-to-follow."

Kimberly from Utah

"So glad I went through Cindy‚Äôs course! It helped tame my mental chaos from too many choices & helped me prioritize how I spent my remodel budget."

Renee from Texas

"We are planning to build a house and this course was very useful in reducing the overwhelm about choosing everything for our future bathroom."

Diana from Texas


What do I get with this course?

You get 13 easy-to-understand videos, a fillable PDF workbook to record your plans and ideas, and a budget spreadsheet to keep track of what you want to buy and how much you've spent. You'll also get bonus content, including my own personal bathroom remodel shopping list.

Is this for people who want to DIY a bathroom or hire professionals?

This course can help you shop and plan for your bathroom regardless of how you will install it. Whether you're a DIY weekend warrior or never plan to pick up a screwdriver, the Bathroom Action Plan can help you make a plan and save money!

I'm building a new home. Will the Bathroom Action Plan help me?

While the Bathroom Action Plan is mostly focused on remodels, the information is absolutely applicable to those who are building a new home. You're just working with a blank slate!

Will this course teach me how to DIY my bathroom?

No, the bathroom action plan is to help you SHOP for your bathroom. This course does not cover any installation information. Thankfully, YouTube is full of free installation advice!

How long will this course take me to complete?

The purpose of the Bathroom Action Plan is to make the overwhelming task of shopping for a bathroom simpler and faster. Instead of weeks of researching, you'll be able to gain the knowledge you need in only about an hour by using this course!